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Spring 2020 - Beginner & Advanced Electronics Class

Starting Friday Feb 7, 2020

Grades 5th-12th, Fridays 11:00-12:00, 12:00 - 1pm

Total Cost $75/month

$20 supply fee

*Please request as many months as you can when submitting your certificates.

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A Targeted Approach

Our class introduces students to the exciting world of by exploring many of the electrical components, how they work, and where they are used.

  • Exploration – Discover the world of electronics and the current state of electronics and sensors

  • Practical Application – Break down how many of our current technologies incorporate various electronics

  • Problem/Solution Focus – We challenge students to use their creativity to solve everyday problems with electronics

  • Real World Focus – Students will get to experience how electronics are managed & programmed an industrial level

Electronics can do amazing things, but until you understand how they work it feels like magic. And as they say, to fix any problem, you must first understand it!

Open your student’s mind to the amazing world of electronics!

Introduction To Applied Electronics

Basic Electronics Course Syllabus

In this course we will be introducing students to the world of electronics. We will explore many of the electronic sensors and controllers used in everyday consumer products. Students will be educated on the functionality and operation of each electronic component. Then students will work both individually and together in groups to discuss and build projects that demonstrates the understanding and practical application of the explained components.

Class Objectives

This Course will build upon the learning from the previous class “Introduction to Applied Electronics”. Students will take their learning to the next level by learning professional level programming used to run and automate industrial systems. Students will do a deep dive into the PLC programming logic, and get to program real PLCs and Touch Screen Displays. Additionally, students will learn how about logic diagrams, PLC communication, programming instructions, troubleshooting, control system stability, and SQL querying

Class Objectives